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Dale Huffaker Truck and Backhoe LLC

If you need it dug, hauled or installed we can do it for you.

We are located in Moore Idaho where we service the Big and Little Lost River Valleys and surrounding areas. We do work in Salmon, Challis, Trail Creek, Chili, Mackay, Leslie, Darlington, Moore, Lost River, Arco, Butte City, Howe, Idaho Falls, Rigby, Blackfoot, Sun Valley, Hailey, Ketchum, Belluvue, Picabo, Carey and everywhere else in between. We have been in business for over 20 years and enjoy the work we do. Dale is a licensed septic installer and has installed many basic septic systems and complex septic systems. We have access to and deliver many types of gravel and shale rock, sand, and top soil among other things. We have decorative landscaping rocks or boulders also. We can haul and place rip rap and other rock. We can probably haul you whatever you need. Dale has dug many foundations, dug many trenches, built many roads and can dig whatever you need dug. We do preparation for concrete and we also work with a local business which pours concrete. We have access to an excavator, a grader and other large equipment. We are honest, fair in price and reliable. We want you to be a happy customer, so we guarantee our work.

Call us for all of your digging and hauling needs.

Our telephone number is 208-554-3100
Dale's cell phone number is 208-390-3253.

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